Adolescent Counseling

IMG_5353Adolescents are young people from age 12-19. I will work with adolescents alone or with their family. This is a very potent time in life. The main task is to develop ones own identity with integrity. The pressures of school, friendships, peer pressure, parents, hormones and family dynamics challenge a young person to work hard to determine who they really are. Sometimes it is very important to just listen to and obey your parents. Sometimes it is to create a new path for yourself. Relationships become very important. Many adolescents come into therapy against their desire. It is our work to see why this has happened and what can be done about it. I see many adolescents learning how to use their mind and their feelings. Some have not yet discovered how to truly be themselves. Drug and alcohol use in this time is very common and very dangerous. It is important to be aware of choosing this behavior and why.