IMG_0153-2One of the issues we face in our lives is attaching ourselves to an addiction. A person can become addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, food and more. Addiction is a term used when a person no longer has control over the substance use. It becomes a compulsion. It also refers to a person being dependent on it and having a very high tolerance. Often the addicted person can not see it. They will think they have control. Some people classify it as use, abuse or addiction. I look at substance use this way, if it creates a problem, then there is a problem. So, if a spouse thinks there is a problem, then there is a problem. When there is a consequence like a DUI, or an accident, an incident, or a comment by someone, this is serious. There are very many types of treatment. Coming to counseling is the first and mildest treatment. Many times we can address the problem at this level. Sometimes with the help of a twelve step program. If it is more serious, there are outpatient and inpatient programs. I am aware of many programs and maintain relationships with them. The next level is either hospitals, jails or death. I am able to assist in assessing the level of the problem and making recomendations for treatment. I have extensive background in this field. We have free will to live our lives as we choose. There are always consequences to our choices. We need to be aware of those consequences. Addiction is us giving the most important freedom we have, free will, away.